Style ‘N’ Scissors: Ritu Deswal making her way into the beauty Industry

Despite there still being room for progress, one might say our world is very slowly (but surely) becoming more inclusive in many ways, Ritu Deswal

The makeup industry, for one, is slowly making breakthroughs in gender barriers. In fact, now more than ever, cosmetics no longer belong to any one gender. The obvious need for shades to match different skin tones, brands are becoming increasingly more innovative. Among these innovators are even some individuals. Whether entrepreneurs or brilliant chemists, people are finally “getting it.”

Here is a woman helping to take the beauty industry to another level.

Ritu Deswal started Style n Scissors 13 years back in the year 2003. “Style n scissors” is the largest unisex salon chain in Jaipur. It is considered to be one of the elite and niche salons in the vicinity of the beautiful pink city. The salon offers world class services and products at accessible locations and affordable prices making “Style and scissors” the leader in the health and beauty industry. Now it has grown tremendously and has 10 branches, an Institute & a skin clinic-SKINITI. It is fuelled with her unconditional hard work and passion.Started with the support of 6 team members which has now multiplied to more than 200 skilled team members to which she considers as her personal strength.

Ritu Deswal & Ritika Joshi

Ritu Deswal and Ritika Joshi, Founder VamaIndia

She has the ultimate responsibility of total administration, growth & expansion of the salon chain. Under her directions, the salon team is going strength to strength. Her commitment and dedication, combined with an ambition to see Style n Scissors as a leading brand in salon industry gave a remarkable speed to the brand. Her extensive experience in hair style, beauty and makeup is a major asset of the salon chain. She keeps herself updated with all the latest styles and trainees at least once a year.

When asked how ” Style n Scissors” is different from other salon Chain ??

Ritu Deswal answered, ” Style n Scissors”  is different because it not only meets every prerequisite of the customers.But also treats the customers as their family making sure they feel homely and get the best of care. The best part about this saloons is that it provides a wide range of discounts for students, Senior- citizens, handicapped, children. It is a very high-end salon which has opened doors for everyone. She has always got a constant support from her family.

The only challenge she always considered is how to ameliorate Style n Scissors. She looks forward to franchising in the coming two years, her only aim is to find someone who keeps up the brand name and value.

The most trusted and popular styling to look forward at style scissors is the Hair treatments. Be it keratin, hair colors, they use the best chemicals and their stylists are known for giving the best and wide range of haircuts, being technically strong the result always is appreciable.

Secondly, this salon has a variety of spa treatments which involves meditation before they began to relax which leads a really satisfying result.

The customers feel very homely at this place which makes her very happy and content. She feels quite a pleasure after a bridal makeup, that she has made a small contribution to make the bride’s skin look better in some way and wishes them whole heartedly a happy life.

Ritu Deswal says, Grooming in women is very important and makes a girl feel more confident in everyday life and does not make her feel left out from the crowd.

When asked about the importance of Social media in enhancing the business ?? 

She answered  Social media plays quietly a big role in advertising her company as the entire youth runs around this one social media.

We’re in the business of celebrating women — especially the ones who inspire us. And, we might be biased here, but the beauty industry is brimming with leading ladies we look up to.


Vamaindia is whole heartedly  Proud of Ritu Deswal !!


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