Meet famous blog Mom on the Run Founder , Anupriya Kapur

Written By: Harshika


In a world where we’re still grappling with the idea of subjective interpretations of motherhood, Anupriya Kapur’s blog- “Mom on the Run” gives us exactly what we need. It combines the unconventional with the human; in the sense that she sustains her image of being the quintessential badass by running a fitness blog after having a baby, while also maintaining brazenness for not being completely career-oriented by giving her job up for taking care of her child. Her blog attempts (quite successfully) to reshape the prototype of a mother in the sense that it distorts the binaries our brain works on.

Anupriya Kapur is neither the corporate drone (well, not anymore) who gave up her family life, nor is she the podgy mom possessing only homemaking sensibilities whose ambitions died a long time ago. While she is a woman who has made a career out of a seemingly simple athletic activity, she does not shy from sharing cooking recipes (a traditionally feminine input bound to reduce her credibility as a successful businesswoman). I believe what’s made her different is her own personal experience in the corporate world and her courage to dissociate from it after realizing she was meant to live a different life.


Anupriya discovered running in the year 2009, which albeit is relatively recent but it was a completely different time. In 2009 feminism and working after becoming a mom was shamed the same way thin eyebrows are shamed in 2017-insidiously. So it goes without saying that working as a professional runner and blogger after becoming a mother must have called for another level of social disapproval. After enduring what I can only imagine was an exhausting battle with redundant norms and complacency, Anupriya is still fighting the good fight. Her blog is regularly updated with nuanced perspectives on issues which nobody really talks about in the open- from the challenges of breastfeeding in public to traveling alone and addressing guilt which only mothers are expected to bear for living a fulfilling life. She doesn’t hold back from talking about how parenting is a challenging task. She has a wide range as a writer covering fashion, fitness, contemporary social issues, etc. She covers them all with a great understanding.

Leading an adventurous life is tricky, leading an adventurous life being a mother in India- unachievable. Mind you, it’s not the inability of the Indian women to lead such a life, but the absence of belief in this lifestyle for mothers in our culture which makes them accept their fate as homemakers after giving birth.  It’s surprising how even though the mean age at first birth in India is 20, which means most Indian women are fairly young when they attain motherhood, there’s zero representation of women like Anupriya in the media. The correlation may seem negative here, but if you think about it, you’ll understand. The media wants our women to be thrilled about having a baby (numerous 20-something women are shown desperate for a child in one too many T.V shows), but it doesn’t want our women to believe that there’s any adventure after having their first child. The psychological impact of this cheap trick is that our (disturbingly) young mothers lose their aspirations and refrain from trying something unusual with their lives, because they believe that the unusual does not exist for them to experience.

In all this chaos, the rise of a blogger like Anupriya Kapur who talks about her life as a runner-mom-blogger is a feat unto itself.      



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