Know about Italy, Just Awesome!

By Harshika Kapoor

There is no Italian food.  Surprised? You should be! The world has made us believe that there are “Italian” cuisines, but there are none. That is because Italy is divided into 20 regions and each region has it’s own distinct palate of food, which will make your taste buds dizzy from all the flavours the food has.

One cannot say that Rome is the food capital of Italy, but it can definitely become one, with it’s simple, wholesome, decadent food. You cannot find food that is equivalent to the Roman delicacies anywhere in the world. So, want to know whta to order when you are in the city? Here’s a list, folks!

1) Cesare al Casaletto
Cesare al Casaletto, is at the last stop of the No.8 Tram, and is known for serving the best “red sauce” made from San Marzano tomatoes, guanciale, white wine and pecorino Romano. While some sports add onions, too, Cesare Al Casaletto refarins from doing so. Though the dish is perfectly unhealthy, you can’t help digging into it every time you can. The place is like a magnet for the locals and the visiting foodies.

2) Da Danilo
The carbonara at Da Danilo’s is something everyone should taste before they die. It’s a classic Roman pasta with pecorino Romano and fresh black pepper of the cacio e pepe, but Da Danilo adds guanciale (smoked pork jowl) and egg which makes its distinct. Cream or peas are not added, which makes the dish a fresher, lighter version of the comfort food we are all used to eating.

italy13) Flavio al Velavevodetto
There was a time when Rome had a large number of slaughterhouses and hence, the culinary tradition of “peasant cuisine” can be found here. Cucina povera hinges on the use of animal parts in food which would have usually been thrown out. The diners who dare to try this type of food can start by ordering codo alla vaccinara, which oxtail in thick tomato suit, topped with pasta. Te oxtail is perfectly tender and falling off the bone. One can also try trippa alla Romana (Roman style tripe) or pajata (intestines of an unweaned calf). You can try it at Flavio al Velavevodetto as it is popular for serving traditional Roman cuisines.

4) Armando al Pantheon
Armando al Pantheon has been serving Roman classics since 1961, so no doubt it’s going to be the best at it. The best cuisine it serves is saltimbocca, which means “jump in your mouth” in Roman dialect. It is a veal dish in which, a tender piece of veal is wrapped in prosciutto and sage, marinated in white wine and fried up. Be sure to try this one meat dish.

I know your taste buds must be tingling and your imaginations about these delicacies must be running wild, but there is only one way to satiate these two — go visit Italy and taste these dishes. Live the Roman life!

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