Smita Bansal establishes “Acting Studio” in the Pink City

Smita Bansal is an Indian television and Bollywood film actress. She is most known for the Zee TV serials Amanat, Aashirwad, and Sarhadein and Balika Vadhu. She has also acted in the 2008 Bollywood film Karzzz.

Smita Bansal established an Acting Studio, in Jaipur which is one of the most promising acting schools, for passionate individuals wanting to make a career in acting.

The launch event took place on 17th Nov ’17

She says It’s had been 17 years since she moved to Mumbai to be an actor. She proclaims to have an immense satisfaction of performing in the city, where every other audience member is either your family or friend or someone you have known for years which is beyond words.

Jaipur is a wonderful city with many talented people waiting to grab opportunities. She reckons that people need a proper guidance on this path.

People in this generation have a very less attention span because of which they need things to be done with the speed of light.

Like the saying goes, nothing is achievable without hard work and perseverance.

Smita Bansal has established an Acting studio to meet every youth’s needs. Their main aim is to train, an individual in and out until they realize where they want to venture when they reach the end of the training.

Not only do they provide guidance for acting, but also for dancing and singing. Many tv shows during these days involve dancing and singing so, they train them with the right exposure needed.

When she was asked why she had chosen Jaipur, she exclaimed “ Jaipur is a city I grew up in so, it’s very special to me. I have always wanted to do something here. “

She also added that Anoop Soni is also a resident of Jaipur. He has been her best friend and guided her through her journey with his immense support.

She says “When I thought about a guest for the launch of the studio , I couldn’t think of anyone but Anoop Soni”

She overwhelmingly thanked him for being there for her. She also thanked her husband and her parents and friends for being at the launch.

Anoop Soni is an Indian television actor, anchor and politician. He is an alumnus of the National School of Drama. He began his career with roles in television serials such as Sea Hawks and Saaya and later did films and now he is back with famous tv shows like CID and Crime Patrol.

At the launch, he expressed his views saying that this Acting school is different, unlike the ones that close down within few months. Smita being an actor she knows and will provide the best to guide everyone.

He added saying, acting is a competitive career.  Every career needs preparation. Just like any other career, acting needs preparation too. He believes the main approach of this studio is to provide that training where every individual knows he is prepared to compete and prove himself.

He explained further saying every director only needs few seconds to tell if one is ready for the job or not and acting is a platform where an actor learns something from his shoot every day, but it is very important to know the root aspect of the job.

 And that is where, this studio will guide everybody.

He concluded by saying “Acting not only teaches a person how to act but also builds confidence”.

Later at the launch Mr. Ankush Mohla , who is a director and actor, known for Everest (2014), Woh (1997) and Aasman Se Aage (2012).

He started of saying that this is a special moment in his life.

He says, being a director makes it very easy for him to identify the talented people. The competition has highly increased and the demand. Hence, it is important for the actor to be prepared.

He believes Smita being there, she can give her experiences and hard ships she faced on her way and guide the young people.

He concluded by saying “Acting studio is established to help the young talent”.

“One of the best things about acting is , that it allows you to live other people’s lives without having to pay a price”

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