Meet Ritu Jaiswal a Mukhiya with an exception

The term ‘mukhiya’ generally brings to mind images of heavily built, mustachio men dressed in dhoti and kurta, with a gamchha on their aging shoulder. However, in the state of Bihar, a beautiful and intellectual woman named Ritu Jaiswal is an exception to that image.

Ritu Jaiswal is the mukhiya of the district panchayat of Singhwahini area. An exception to the norm she is well educated with a Masters degree in Economics. She lives with her husband, Arun Kumar Jaiswal, an IAS Officer, and their two kids in Khelgaon. Most importantly, she has by choice shunned a luxurious life to be able to serve Singhwahini panchayat as mukhiya.

Recently, in what seems to be the worst – hit flood in Bihar, where more than 253 people have been reportedly killed, and more than a crore people have been displaced from their homes and villages. Even though the government tried its best to reach out to the people in need, there appeared to be numerous places where relief had not yet arrived. One such place was Singhwahini. The villagers were left to tackle the floods in isolation where there was no government aid. It is in this situation that Ritu Jaiswal came to their aid with all her support network.

When Ritu’s continuous pleading and trial to receive some help from the government’s side failed. She realized that the odds were acting against her, she took to Facebook to connect with people. She continued to seek help through the social media and spread the word on the horrible tragedy that had struck the village. Her frequent posts and genuine call to arms were what made a difference in the hour of need. She was able to set up relief camps where food from every household was accumulated and distributed among the displaced.

Ritu Jaiswal

Image source: Facebook

Engineered by Ritu’s untiring efforts, numerous people stood up with her in her endeavor to help the villager’s combat nature’s fury and government apathy. Clearly, it is self-sacrifice that is primarily required to help the needy in the villages and in the society. Here is a strong woman who believes in facing reality, being a leader and demonstrating accountability. She has emerged as a true unsung champion in today’s times, in a society that thirsts for real leaders. May her tribe continues to prosper and grow.


Written By: Eesha



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