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Humble enough to know I’m far from perfect; Confident enough to know I can do anything

Women empowerment means increasing the opportunities for the social, economic, political and legal strength of the women so that they can work for the betterment of their own, family and society. But empowerment of women is incomplete unless she is emotionally empowered.

Emotionally empowered women are confident, have control over her emotions, perform better in work, have the positive attitude towards future and world, able to take the decision and try best to make them right.

How to be positively empowered:

Self esteem
Subconscious mind power

Set goals and dreams
Self regulations
Seek out friendship



To be empowered, the first step is to know yourself. Know what your strength and capabilities are, nurture them, flourish them, and grow them. Also, work on your weaknesses. Don’t ignore them, try to overcome them.


self esteem

If anything goes wrong around you, don’t start blaming yourself. Self-guilt decrease confidence and also block our vision. Start loving yourself, believe in yourself. Self-belief gives confidence, attitude, and energy to do things.

Subconscious mind power:

Sub conscious mind power

When you say positive things about yourself, “I can do it, I can face the challenge”, your subconscious mind prepares your body and mind to complete the task. If we believe something is not possible, your mind gets blocked and started telling excuses for not doing things. So always give positive feedback to your brain.

Set goals and dreams:

Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action, concept, tags on the table.

To live up dreams, first, see them. Have goals and ambition in life. Set targets for yourself and work hard with full devotions to achieve them.


Self regulations

Self-regulations means have control over your own emotions. Make them your strength, not weakness. It means recognizing, facing and mastering the experience and expression of negative emotions (such as anger, fear, guilt, shame, pain) and cultivating positive emotions (love, happiness, gratitude).

Seek out friendship;

Seak out friendship

Friends are the lifeline. Make new friends, join the group, cherish old one, be with them and for them. ‘Har Ek friend jaroori Hota Hai”. True friends are the great advisor, best critics, and true support system for a person. 

Life is full of challenges but emotionally empowered women face them in a mature manner rather them keeping mum or waiting for others to help them out. They not only overcome stress but actually thrive and grow stronger.


Written By: Dr. Anita Gautam

Dr . Anita Gautam


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