True entrepreneur are our parents ,Pratish Nair at FICCO FLO Jaipur Event

 There is no greater joy than pursuing your passions with a vengeance as it not only serves the world but also you.

   ~ Pratish Nair

 FICCI Ladies Organization Jaipur Chapter, organized an Experiential session “Murphy Rocks” on 8th December 2018,  under the leadership of its chairperson Ms. Minal Jain. The session was lead by Mr. Pratish Nair and the Guest of Honour for the evening was Ms. Vasvi Bharat Ram, National President, FLO.

Mr. Nair is  Armed with an MBA in Marketing and a certification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), he started out on his entrepreneurial dreams with nothing but encouraging parents, pure passion and courage. 

His start to the session bought everyone sheer cheer and joy, making it very interactive by letting the audience introduce themselves to each other in a fun activity.

 He exclaims that we all live with the fear of what people think of us? By the time we realize that it does not matter we’re already 40.

He emphasizes that “ We need to be fearless. We need to get out of our shell. From the very beginning of our life’s we have been scared by the people around us starting with our parents itself”

The thunderous laughter that filled his workshop authenticates his witty nature. He believes laughter opens the doors to learning and he leaves no stone unturned to make the most of it.

He explained ” Ownership” to the audience by asking one simple question –

“How many of us would pick up a body lying in a pool of blood on the road?”

Most of us don’t because mainly, we don’t want to own it. We do not own things and that is the difference between a worker and the boss.

 When you’re an owner you become a leader and if you can create this sense of ownership among your team members/employees than nobody can stop your success. 

He spoke about how miserably he has failed with businesses in his life. He owned 7 businesses and failed with 5. But rest of the two changed his life and that is why he’s here today.

He believes that every individual in the company should take ownership and be a leader because the team works towards building the company.

“Murphy”? Wondering what’s that?

He contends that, in life, we all believe everything is going to be okay. But we need to understand that it is not going to be okay all the time.

Hope for the worst in life.

This statement is not pessimistic but it helps you anticipate better.

“We need to believe in murphy’s because once you start your company you need to analyze what all can go wrong and that is why you need a leader”

He probed everyone by asking “Who according to you is a great leader?

He defined a leader accordingly in 5 categories

The 1st leader is, we listen to him because he pays us our salary. The second leader, they like you and that is why they are listening to you. The third is, your adding value to their company. Fourth is when you do something for them other than the company.

Lastly fifth, that person is the definition of a leader and everyone follows him.

He engaged everyone with fun games and came to a conclusion by saying.

Everyone learned to be a part of the team, enjoyed the session filled with a lot of motivation and laughter.

He highly motivated everyone by saying

A leader is a selfless person, not a selfish person and it takes a lot of hard work to get there.

He truly believes that a true entrepreneur is our parents because they stand by you like a rock. They give a brand, culture.

He concludes by saying “Don’t hope for the best”

 Everything in his life is backed by passion, creativity, and determination. Like a beautiful tapestry, Pratish has interwoven his innate talents and skills to help others weave their own destiny.


He lives by the words “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. So make it splendid”.



Written By – Vaishnavi

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