Gandharva Theatre & V.K Poddar Foundation presented play named ‘Raktpushp’

Gandharva Theatre & V.K Poddar Foundation presented an exuberant performance in a play named ‘Raktpushp’ on 18th Oct. 18 at Rangayan, Jawahar Kala Kendra. The enactment full of life, was first published in original Marathi in 1972.

Raktpushp was first produced and performed in Hindi as a Theatre Unit production at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai, in February 1981, under the direction of the legendary Satyadev Dubey.

The Hindi version currently under production with Gandharv Theatre, Jaipur, has been translated and directed by Saurabh Srivastava, who has been bringing world drama in translation to Hindi theatre for more than a decade, both for the reader and the viewer.

His published work comprises Bechari Amrita (adapted from Noel Coward’s rib-tickling Blithe Spirit), Maayne Gambhir Honay Kay (adapted from Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest), Ek Actor ki Maut (translated from contemporary Croatian playwright Miro Gavran’s Death of an Actor) and The Doll (translated from Gavran’s eponymous play.)

As a director, Srivastava has produced more than two dozen plays since 1984. Among his recent successes have been Hindi versions of Punjabi playwright Balwant Gargi’s short plays Kunwari Choti and Ghat ki Nao, Coward’s Bechari Amrita, a Hindi version of Elkunchwar’s Atmakatha, and Wilde’s Maayne Gambhir Honay Kay.

Raktpushp (Blood-flower) is essentially a dramatic rendering of the mindscapes of an aging woman (Padma) and her adolescent daughter (Leelu), depicted through their interactions with each other, with Padma’s husband, Bhau, and with a young paying guest, Raja, who resides with them. The four characters in the play are enmeshed in an enigmatic web of relationships which bring out the complex

psyches of the women involved, particularly Padma’s, who sees in the youthful Raja both her dead son and a young masculine eye.

Gandharv is a Jaipur based theatre group, which aims to bring plays of quality to viewers. In addition to producing plays written originally in Hindi, the group also focuses on bringing plays written in other national and international languages to Hindi theatre in translation.

V.K. Poddar Foundation manifests the urge of Kamla Poddar Group to pay back to the society. The foundation takes up numerous social initiatives to encourage ‘Art & Culture’ & takes initiatives for creating a better world around us. These include interventions in the areas of scholarships for higher education, promotion of local art forms & artisans & initiatives such as floral art to promote creative living. The Foundation also extends skill development & livelihood training programs for differently abled persons in Rajasthan.

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