Beauty with Good Heart- Dr. Iti Pragya Singh

Dr. Iti Pragya Singh, a dentist by profession and fashionista by passion, is definitely a one-in-a-hundred kinds of personality. Her perspective towards life and zeal to fulfill all her dreams are vociferous and inspiring at the same time. And hence, Vamaindia took it upon to bring to its readers more about Iti and her journey to being who she is today.

Dr. Iti’s family comprises of her husband, Dr. Jay Prakash Anand who is also a Dentist by profession, running a private clinic, Dr. Anand Dental Hospital, in Patna and a 21-month-old son named Shivaay. Her son is the apple of her eyes and considers him her biggest asset. Her parents Mr. Ravinder Pratap Singh and Mrs. Nupur Singh, work in Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) Patna. Her mother works with the Autonomic Nervous System department while her father works in the administration department.

Dr. Iti is with her Family

Talking about her early life and schooling, she completed her higher secondary education from Krishna Niketan, with a solid score 92% in her boards and senior secondary education from DAV BSEB with yet another excellent score of 84% in board examination. Not just that, she was also a Social Science Topper in Patna during her matriculation with a score of 99% in the subject. She has also won several other awards in co-curricular activities such quiz, extempore and debates. She further went on to do her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from Dr.B.R. Ambedkar institute of Dental Sciences, Ramjaypal Nagar, Patna.

When asked about her hobbies, she enthusiastically went on to list dancing, Singing, listening to versatile music, experimenting on cooking vivid delicacies and last but not the least spending time with her baby. She also claims herself to be a shop-a-holic and a die-hard fan of Mr. Shahrukh Khan.

When describing her childhood, she detailed out on her fantasies of adorning a crown and grab all the limelight, but due to academic pressure and school life gits she couldn’t pursue this dream of hers which had fell dormant for a while. It was only after the birth of her baby, she could give herself some time, to think about herself and prioritize her wants and needs after a long duration. That’s when the new of Mrs. India 2019 reached her. She went on to give the auditions and reached the finale, held in Mumbai on 15th September and won the title of Mrs. India (Mrs. Bihar) 2019. Following which she registered for another pageant in Goa, “Mrs. GORGEOUS DIVA GLOBAL 2019″, emerged as the Winner of the same as well. Her other major achievements include, “Star of the year 2019” by Queen of Awadh group and “Indian Icon Award 2019” for excellent achievements in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Iti Pragya Singh

Winning all these titles and awards weren’t cake walk for her. She had to face a lot of hurdles to obtain them. Major one being work- life balance. She describes taking care of her son with such a busy and hectic schedule was toughest of all the challenges she had. But she succeeded, with the support of her parents and husband, who respected her dream and helped her maintain the balance. Another major obstacle in her path to success wa that she had to overcome was her weight, that came along during her pregnancy and couldn’t be lost quick as it had arisen due her C-section, but she worked hard on it and shed her extra kilos. She hasn’t had professional training in modelling and acquired the skills for the same through videos and ramp shows. She loves her dual profession of being a Dentist and also actively being in the fashion industry, and manages both of these with equal importance.

She spent all her early life in fulfilling her parents’ dream of her completing her degree in mainstream educational course and earning a living for herself. Therefore, after having settled in life, she decided it was time to pursue her dreams now and hence registered for her first pageant.

Dogs are one of her other big-time loves and to be doing something for these adorable creatures who give so much warmth and love in return was another dream of hers that she now saw the chance of accomplishing. She has had a dog in the house since childhood and has grown up seeing her family being nice and generous to even stray dogs, in an environment where dogs were loved and nurtured and considered friends. Hence, she started with one dog in the locality, and now have had 4-5 generations around in her area that she takes care of. Being in the medical field, adds as an advantage enabling her to look after their medical needs as well, all on her personal expenses. She observes that no doctor or organization is even ready to negotiate for treatment of stray dogs, no one is ready to volunteer for stray animals, people prefer to throw away food, rather than feeding them, which is very disheartening.

With Dogs
Dr. Iti P Singh is taking care of Street dogs

 “When you connect with a dog, the amount of love you get in return cannot be expressed in words. I want to work for them on a larger scale and open a shelter for stray animals and an Institution for underprivileged children where they can nurture and rediscover their talents be it in education, sports, singing, dancing, and make sure they get the necessary training they need to shine in their lives as champions and achievers”, is what she said on an interview with Vamaindia.

She intends to use her limelight so as to reach out to maximum number of people and achieve her goal. When asked about future and plans to join the film industry her reply was that she is absorbing into this new found dimension of life and taking and opportunities as they come.  She does want to turn into celebrated star but not in any rush mess things up. As for now she is merely exploring what life has in store for me.

Her message to the readers of

“I believe every woman is special as she plays several roles extremely important roles in a single life. She is the origin of life, she teaches a man what Loving,caring and sharing is all about, that is the essence of being a woman and we should all cherish it. Every woman should be financially and emotionally independent and should do what she loves and strive to achieve what you really aspire in life, then only you can be happy in and out and only when you are happy, you can keep people around you happy and positive. It is important to live your dreams and strive for it.. rather than regret later.”

We at extend all our support to you Dr. Iti and wish you the very best in your journey ahead.

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