Anuradha Rao , A woman who quit her IBM job and started a diaper company Bumpadum

Just how much pee and poop a cute little baby can unleash is unbelievable. It’s a hard way round.


Yes, 30,000 rupees were gone on something that is just disposed off in the bin.

The convenience of a diaper with the environment-friendliness of cloth do exist, but apparently, no one thought of making it in a country that has forever tied a cloth around the loins of its babies.

No one until Anuradha Rao.

Anuradha Rao started Bumpadum, India’s first eco-friendly cloth diaper company.

The former IBM executive decided to do something about it. She founded Bumpadum, a small startup in Bangalore that makes and supplies adorable printed cloth diapers for children online.

She was part of a Facebook group called Cloth Diapering India but realized that member moms were using imported cloth diapers – either expensive ones from the US or cheaper ones from China.

Do cloth diapers really work?

The diapers come with inserts (extra padding) for additional protection. So you can step out with a baby for three hours in the day or make her wear it for about seven hours at night.

“There’s flexibility with the inserts. You can put in more if your baby pees more than others,” she says.

Each cloth diaper can be reused over 100 times. When adding up disposable diaper usage over the first 3 years of a baby’s life, which is the typical diaper usage period, you end up spending 70,000–80,000 rupees and sending 1500 kgs of toxic waste to landfills.

Cloth diaper usage over the same period can cost as little as 15,000–25,000 rupees depending on how well you maintain them. Yes, the initial cost of modern cloth diapers seems high, but you recover the costs well within a year of using them.Cloth diapers are one-size-fits-all. This means that the same diaper can be used for your baby starting 3 months all the way up to 3 years. The diaper grows along with your baby through the use of clever snaps, which allows you to choose size settings such as small, medium and large in the same diaper.

She says “My biggest motivation to use cloth diapers was the eco-friendly aspect. Even considering the water and electricity used for laundry, isn’t it better to use resources that can be recycled/potentially sourced from green energy than fill up land with toxic waste that doesn’t degrade even after 500 years? “

Her firm has sold 1,200 of them since July last year and claims to be growing 20 percent month-on-month. “If you exclude my salary, we are a profitable business,” Anuradha tells Tech in Asia. The start-up sells with the help of social media – Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook, besides its own website.

Each Bumpadum diaper costs around $14.9. But here’s why shelling out that amount on a single diaper isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

“I know many parents who choose cloth diapers because they find that cloth is better for their baby’s sensitive skin. Some others use them purely for saving money. On the other hand, moms are known to buy them because they are far better looking than boring white disposable diapers and come in the cutest prints possible. Some may even use them because it’s cool to adopt something new.” She exclaims

Whatever your reasoning is, give cloth diapers a chance. Once you learn the basics, you will find it to be an easy job!

Written By: Vaishnavi

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