Following Her Dreams , Savita Garg

A passionate educator and an inspiring entrepreneur, Mrs Savita Garg is a former WEE (Women Entrepreneur Empowerment) Fellow at IIT Delhi. A 38-year-old educator has been running two successful firms Eclassopedia which she was the founder and MyDrCart which she co-founded.

                 Eclassopedia is a e-learning platform founded in the year 2017.Through this platform she intends to help kids with the subjects they love. In addition to helping kids she also gives women constrained by other responsibilities a new hope in pursuing a career. More than 300 such women are happily employed in Eclassopedia. This platform helps kids all around the world to interact with tutors and access online materials from anywhere.

                Being new to the online education industry, Savita faced the challenge of not having enough knowledge about technology. She also lacked a high-speed internet line and good faculty, to begin with. Also, introducing a relatively new concept to the market came with its share of acceptance and trust issues. Over the years she efficiently overcame all the hurdles and in 2017 she got an opportunity to be a fellow at WEE (Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment), an initiative by IIT Delhi to strengthen the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs.

             In order to ensure the optimisation of health care system in India, Mrs Savita Garg co-founded MyDrCart yet another platform that rapidly connects patients with health care professionals. This Tec enabled solution is extremely easy to use and is designed to be user friendly. Through this start-up she intends to help patients especially from rural and remote areas. At a pandemic struck era such platforms will be very much helpful in the society. The platform is developed while adhering to Telemedicine guidelines from the Medical Council of India. MyDrCart is a robust, secure, and feature-rich platform that empowers healthcare among individuals. Through these exceptional works. Mrs Savita Garg proves the resilient nature in women and teaches us how one shouldn’t let any hurdles or obstacles stopping her from reaching her goal. Mrs Savita Garg is a role model to every budding entrepreneur. She proves why one should believe in her dreams and its never late, through continuous upgrading, hard work and learning from her mistakes one can achieve wonders.

Behalf of Vamaindia and crew we wish Mrs Savita Garg all the very best in her career forward and hope there will be many more entrepreneurs who will look upto her as a role model.

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