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Go with the flow of life , Sreenidhi Sudarshan ,Tamilian Actress

  Sreenidhi Sudarshan is an Indian television actress, popularly known for her roles as Thamizhselvi (Thamizh) in Vijay TV’s Pagal Nilavu and Janani in Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Zee Tamil, that she is currently working in. She debuted with a TV soap called 7C on Vijay TV and has later worked for various TV serials and shows. Sreenidhi or Nidhi as her friends calls her tells Vamaindia that acting was not a career dream at all for her since childhood. In fact, the typical Tam-Brahm’s household that she was born to, suggested her various options such as medicine and engineering, but not acting.
Her true passion lied in the field of veterinary medicine which roots from her love for animals and the strong desire to be able to significantly contribute towards better care and nourishment for them. This was but, looked down upon by the adults of her traditionally orthodox family. During her school life, post her grade 10 boards she went on to pursue Commerce with computer science. Though her first choice would have been Biology – science combination, due to her aversion for Mathematics she went on to choose the former, again despite her family wanting her to do Chartered Accountancy and reach financial stability in life, she went on to further enroll in a Law School in Chennai and is currently pursuing the final year in LLB. Nidhi has always been a very active person in all the spheres of her life, be it personal or social. Still not having zeroed down on one particular reason to choose law, she points out that her social awareness and want, to be a part of the betterment and progress of the society could be one of the many reasons that lead her to pick Law as a career.

Nidhi has been a spotlight craving person and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention and applauds she received as a kid, it was this that ignited her career in the field of acting. She tells Vamaindia that her life was pretty much regular until when her neighbors who were aspiring cinematographers decided to do a photoshoot featuring Sreenidhi, for her being known for her cuteness and poser queen even as a child. The results were fantastic, and from there she was called on for various ads. But it was the cookery competition show called “Kitchen Superstar” on the “Vijay TV” channel that was the turning point her career graph as winning the runners up opened multiple offers for her. Her dance classes and anchoring experiences helped a lot in her profession too.  Post her school days, she took up acting along with her college education in order to support her family. As at this point her family was financially in a dwindling position. Nidhi’s mother had been a single parent since her father’s demise during her childhood, and her being diagnosed with cancer worsened the situation further. This lead to a tough struggle to attain work-life – education balance in her initial college days. By the time her mother recovered, it was all intertwined deep and Nidhi had managed to ace the balance.
“The excitement and a special indescribable kind of joy and gleam in my mother’s eyes when she sees me on screen is worth all the struggle and stifle of life, and is a great source of strength and inspiration for me in life. I can keep going like this forever just for that smile on her face”, tells Sreenidhi to Vamaindia.

She goes on to tell that acting isn’t a cakewalk for profession either, there have been times when directors scream and mock at her for an apparent waste of time due to her off-screen interactions with her co-stars. And the costume and makeup is pain shots as well. This life includes continuous shoots with no time to sleep, followed by exams in college, and
sometimes turn super hectic. It was during one such tough phase of life, while she was juggling between life and post-breakup trauma and all kinds of lemons that life could throw at her that Oovi happened to her. Oorvasi a.k.a Oovi is her pet dog who is more like a family member to now, whom she describes as her daughter to Vamaindia. She had always wanted to adopt a dog rather than buy one when one of the close friends linked her
with someone who was giving away this Minion breed dog. “She looked so ugly at first glimpse, more like a rat”, says Nidhi to Vamaindia. She often posts stories and snaps on her Instagram feed. She named her Oorvasi, wanting to keep it desi and more of a homely name than the fancy usuals that people follow. Apart from an actor, wannabe lawyer, and a passionate animal lover, there is a foodie side to Sreenidhi as well.
Unlike most of the fancy food vloggers, Nidhi is fond of homely dishes such as Idly Sambhar, Thair Saadam (curd rice), and Biriyani. Despite being a Brahmin, because of her love for food, she eats nonveg
delicacies too. “Thai cuisine is amazing too, it’s the aroma of basil leaves and lemongrass used for preparation that leaves me mouthwatering for it”, adds Nidhi.
Life mantras that Nidhi follows and would like to share with the readers of Vamaindia is that “Go with the flow of life, don’t waste your present planning for the future, because these are the wonderful memories that you will hold close to your heart years later and rejoice and be a giver in life. Life always gifts you something when you give, if nothing then at the least the happiness of sharing prevails”.
And her special advice for all the teen readers on love life is that “Happiness is the key to true love. One should never be fearful of love or limit it with boundaries. Be it a person, thing, hobby, or whatever that you truly love… let freedom and happiness be two pivotal ingredients and let the magic happen”.  

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