Meet Saloni Srivastava, An Indian Youtuber Who Turned Her Passion For Content Creation Into A Wildly Profitable Business Empire

Millennial entrepreneur Saloni Srivastava spills the story behind building her loyal following and monetizing by offering REAL value.

With over 300,000 followers and close to 25 million views on her videos, Saloni Srivastava’s community is one of the fastest-growing communities of ambitious people on Indian social media. Along the way, she has also been able to build a wildly profitable business empire off the back of her social strategy.

Oddly though, Saloni did not start out as an entrepreneur. In fact, her dreams were confined to doing well as a corporate employee. By the time she was 25, she had ticked off a lot of professional goals in her marketing career, had bought herself her first home, AND had met the man of her dreams. But, she knew she was missing a creative outlet. And thus, her Youtube channel was born.

At first, she created content on it alongside her full-time job as a growth hacker. “I barely had enough time to breathe back then. I used to work hard from Mondays to Fridays on my job, and all my weekday evenings and weekends were spent working on the channel. Looking back, sometimes I wonder where I found the passion to do so much during those days”, she laughed.

About 6 months into her creating content journey, Saloni decided to quit her job and give her content creation and community building gig a serious shot. “This was the turning point in my life. As soon as 100% of my attention started going to my content, my channel blew up. I started growing at a rate that I never thought was possible”, said Saloni. Soon, she hit the 100,000 subscriber mark and unlocked many opportunities that a Youtuber at that level gets.

However, soon after, Saloni started looking for more ways to create an impact on her community. Being a self-proclaimed planning and organizing nerd, Saloni first had a taste of running a real business with the launch of her planners in December 2018. She got them printed and kept them in her apartment thinking the stock would last her about 2-3 months. However, as soon as she launched, she was sold out in under 3 hours! “I had to run and place orders for the second round of prints because the demand was just NOT stopping”, said Saloni. In about a day of launch, she had sold thousands of copies all of which were packed, and shipped by her and her husband alone. “After the planner launch, I was hooked. The idea of launching my own products, delivering more value to my community, and doing more than just content creation became my real calling. I constantly started ideating new products that could be launched, which would solve real problems for my community”, claimed Saloni.

Today, Saloni not just has her own planners that she sells, but also has a big line of journals, digital products such as e-books and templates, and MANY more exciting millennial-friendly items to her credit.


Recently, she also launched HustlePost Academy, an online school where she teaches the same steps she followed to go from being a corporate employee to a real business owner. “HustlePost Academy is like a mini MBA for people who are looking to start their own businesses. We talk about very 21st businesses such as Podcasting, Youtubing, E-Commerce Store Launches, E-learning, and a lot more. In about 4 weeks of our launch, we have had over 1000 students be a part of our academy and the number is only growing every day. Nothing has had me more excited than this launch because I really get to work with people and train them to think big and make real businesses from scratch”, smiled Saloni.

Saloni believes that the key is to over-deliver every time you launch something. “The same people who bought my 2018 planner still come back and buy all my other products. This has only been possible because I’ve worked hard to build and nurture my relationships with the audience and my customers”, said Saloni.

As a parting note, Saloni shared

“Don’t ever have all your eggs in one basket. Even if you have a full-time job, always keep working on something on the side. You never know which project may pick up and give you the life of your dreams”.

Vamaindia and crew wishes SALONI SRIVASTAVA all the very best in her entrepreneurial journey forward and hope there will be many more entrepreneurs who will look up to her as a role model.

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