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Isn’t it a boon that we have developed so much in the time of a crisis that most of our meetings can be held as usual? Classes are conducted on Softwares such as Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft teams enabled the pandemic period to be productive and useful.

  The best video conferencing apps can do more than merely enable a virtual face-to-face meeting. They let you show what’s on your screen to everyone else on the call, seamlessly pass control of the meeting to another person, and record the call as a video.

    Web conferencing service Zoom offers these features and more, some of the hidden options in advanced menus. The tricks and tips below will show you how to use the app better to work, learn, and communicate with others virtually.

  1. Someone should be in charge of every Zoom meeting

Every online meeting should have a host, and large meetings should probably have a few co-hosts as well. Having a leader to the meet helps in keeping the meet under control and to maintain the decorum and order in the group.

2. Scheduling  meetings


   If you run a lot of meetings—for example, with clients—but don’t have an assistant, you might want to connect your scheduling app, Zoom, and your calendar. Whenever someone books an appointment in a scheduling app, for example, Zapier can automatically create a new Zoom meeting and add it to whatever app you use for your personal calendar.

     To people who have a privilege to let someone else handle the meetings set up the scheduling assistant privilege, log into Zoom, open Meeting Settings, and look under Other. You’ll see a plus sign next to Assign Scheduling Privilege. Add your scheduling assistants by typing their email addresses and finish by clicking Assign.

3. Take an attendance and waiting list for attendees

  This tip helps you most if you are a teacher and trying to conduct a class. The attendee list for all meetings lives in the Zoom Account Management > Reports section. Look for Usage Reports, and then click Meeting to find the meeting you want, select the report type and date range, and generate the report. 

To generate an attendee list, you need to be the host of the meeting, in a role with Usage Reports enabled, or an account administrator or owner. You also need a Pro, API Partner, Business, or  Education plan.

   4 . Host the Meeting

Zoom lets attendees get into a video call with or without the host being present. Small groups sometimes like this option because they can have a few minutes to chit-chat before the meeting officially kicks off. In some situations, however, it could be in poor form to have attendees in a virtual room together, waiting for you to start. A better solution is to create a virtual waiting room, where attendees remain on hold until you let them in all at the same time or one by one.

5. Learn a few essential keyboard shortcuts


If you use Zoom more than once a week, there are a couple of keyboard shortcuts worth learning to save you oodles of time.

I is for an invite. Press Cmd+I (macOS) or Alt+I (Windows) to jump to the Invite window, where you can grab the link to the meeting or send invitations to others via email.

M is for mute. Press Cmd+Ctrl+M (macOS) or Alt+M (Windows) when you are the meeting host and want to mute everyone else on the line.S is for share. Press Cmd+Shift+S (macOS) or Alt+Shift+S (Windows) to share your screen.

Using Zoom for video conferencing in such a new lockdown scenario is very helpful to keep the workflow in action and to not to reduce productivity. Hope this information was useful all the wishes from team Vamaindia.

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