Rubina Dilaik ‘s Biggboss 14 Journey and winning the Title

Big Boss Season 14 was quite intense and kept the audience hooked to the show. After a rollercoaster stay of around four and a half months, TV star Rubina Dilaik was crowned the Big Boss winner. She had quite a bittersweet journey and was unable to establish a solid bond with the other contestants. However, her loyal fanbase supported her throughout the journey. The show has been extremely emotional for Rubina because She had been facing hurdles in her marriage with actor Abhinav Shukla. However, the Bigg Boss platform gave her a second chance at reviving the marriage. Rubina Dilaik swiftly snatched the BB14 trophy from fellow contestant Rahul Vaidya. She also opened up about the harsh treatment and the emotional turmoil she went through during her stay.

Rubina talked about how winning or losing the reality show game was not on her list. She focused on living, enjoying and learning throughout the journey. She left it all on destiny and enjoyed the process. On being asked about her fight with contestants like Jasmin Bhasin and Rakhi Sawant, Rubina mentioned how she is super selective of people. She believes in giving all her effort in any relationship, and without reciprocation, it is just not worth it. However, She was quick to dismiss any ongoing beef with the contestants. She believes in holding no grudges. Rubina also elaborated on her complicated marriage with Abhinav Shukla, which was on the verge of divorce. She tells how she had a fear of opening up since people are always quick to judge and criticise from the other side of the screen. This fear is what holds one back from identifying and working on their flaws. Rubina mentions how Bigboss taught her the best life lesson- ” Accept all shortcomings with grace”. She wanted to inspire People outside and thus spilling about her personal life was a good decision. On being asked about the toughest situation faced in the show, she mentioned how she was unable to communicate with her husband Abhinav. Moreover, it was more intimidating since it was all happening in front of millions of people. She also told how her relationship was a bigger win than the trophy. Rubina always believed in holding separate places for personal and professional lives. She told how people called her mean words like manipulative, authoritative, etcetera. However, it only pushed her to do better. Their bitter words only pushed her more towards success.

Rubina’s BigBoss journey from the beginning until the very end has been an inspiring one. She took all the advice host Salman Khan gave and strived to be a better person. Ultimately, her efforts saved her marriage and also gave her the winning trophy. She credited her success to her million fans who supported her throughout the journey. Their help made the actress win at life. She is truly an inspiration for all the women out there. People will talk a lot behind your back, mostly negative but turn it into a positive reinforcement that will push you to do better. Rubina’s victory is truly celebrated by all.

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