Mr Goenka, Please Don’t Preach About Divorce If You Haven’t Heard HER Story

Businessman Harsh Goenka put his foot in when he tweeted on divorces of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, indirectly labelling their wives ‘gold diggers’. 

I’ve never understood the fuss over Bill Gates and Melinda Gates divorce in a country where divorce is normalized. But, we cannot say the same for our country, India, where divorce is still taboo in 2021.

What makes it even tougher is when you have sexists all over the place and in your face, spreading their tentacles like monster green creeper plants across all sections of our society.

That’s right. Target the wife, always!

Indian billionaire Harsh Goenka recently made a deeply problematic and sexist comment on Twitter.

Unfortunately, this tweet by Goenka is no joke. The man’s preaching to his fellow countrymen to be wise, not to trust their wives, and spend their money on themselves.

Goenka’s moral of the story is a fucking lie in a country where we put our goddesses on a shiny pedestal, and we literally and metaphorically rape our women daily.

Perhaps Mr Goenka should use his influence for better things?

If Goenka’s message is aimed at all poor and naive countrymen, then perhaps he could ask them to develop some aatmanirbharta and stop asking for dowry.

Maybe he could tell them to stop treating their daughters like a commodity given away in marriage as free labour.

Perhaps he could tell them not to treat their women worse than their gaumata.

Maybe he could tell them not to be a rich arse like him, who can buy everything in the world except grace, fairness, and empathy.

Who is the real gold digger if thats the criterion?

The divorce rate in India is 1%, and it gives the illusion of successful marriages here. The credit for these figures goes entirely to our rigid patriarchal system, which has thwarted the freedom and dreams of millions of women by relegating them to their kitchen and caregiving duties for life for their spouse and family. If the woman brings in dowry and a working woman with no financial charge, that’s hitting the jackpot for our men.

“So, the question is, who are the real gold-diggers here, Mr. Goenka?”

Don’t play innocent and give a long rope to your gender for their misgivings. There is persistent discrimination against women, denying them equal land and property rights as they own less than 20% of the world’s land.

Dont presume why anyones marriage fell apart, Mr Goenka!

Coming back to Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or whosoever’s divorce, how can anyone be sure of what transpired in these marriages and dole out a highly judgemental ‘moral of the story’ blanket statement?

While I don’t want to speculate on matters I am not sure about yet, I’ll conclude with what journalist Rohini Singh had to say in response to Harsh Goenka’s tweet.

“It appears Bill Gates was preying on women in his office and was also had a disturbingly close relationship with a paedophile. New York Times says the relationship with the paedophile is what bothered Melinda Gates. You don’t think those are serious issues?”

I want to add, isn’t it ironic for a billionaire like Harsh Goenka to blacklist the female gender as untrustworthy, gold-diggers?

If you’ve not cared to listen to both sides of the story, man, please don’t preach!

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Harsh Goenka has since deleted the tweet, hence we have included a screenshot.

Image source: Twitter

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