Probably, Victoria’s Big Secret Was That She Preferred Comfy Yet ‘Boring’ Bras!

Home is where the bra isn’t necessary, and anyways who decided that women need to wear a bra all the time? Must be a man! Only they wouldn’t know the pain!

Rhea was head over heels in love with Rishi, the kind of love where you have butterflies every time they call or text. She had finally found her Mr Perfect who was attentive, considerate and loving. She was bouncing between exhilaration and anxiety; she wanted everything in their relationship to be perfect.

They had been dating each other for the last six months and used to frequently visit each other’s house. Like every new relationship they looked forward to their me time and left no opportunity to be together. They couldn’t keep their eyes and hands off each other. Their relationship was an amalgamation of love and lust and they were crazy about one other.

Rhea was impeccably dressed every time she met him, her clothes, her shoes, her make-up and her lingerie was always on fleek. Victoria’s secret was her favourite shopping joint; she also spent hours online searching for the perfect lingerie. Her satin and lace bras, her thongs, her garter belt and her cage bras drove him wild with passion. She put the X in sexy.

However there was one little secret she kept from him! She hated silk and lace, the thongs were very uncomfortable and her bra wire’s hurt the very soul of her being! She was much more comfortable in her cotton grandma panties and her simple soft cotton bras. She didn’t care much about bold colours like red or teal; she was happy with basics like white and black.

She wore old panties that were in a tattered condition at home and often went bra less. Home is where the bra isn’t necessary, and anyways who decided that women need to wear a bra all the time? Must be a man! Only they wouldn’t know the pain!

One such day after work Rishi decided to surprise Rhea. It was an impromptu plan and Rhea wasn’t prepared for it. Rishi planned to whisk her away for the night; he had already booked a hotel. Rhea didn’t want to go but she couldn’t understand how to say a no to a man who is standing with a bouquet of flowers waiting for you. If she had had any idea about it before hand, then she would have been prepared.

She was wearing her cotton bra and mismatched panties to work. Who has time in the morning to actually match their lingerie? Also why would anyone sit and work all day in uncomfortable lingerie? Sometimes your bra gives you a bigger heart burn than you boyfriend, and nothing can be more uncomfortable than a thong.

There was no way in hell that Rhea would want Rishi to see her wearing her boring bra. She did everything possible to decline his advances; she wasted time in ordering pizza, watching a movie and talking about random topics that she had no interest in but who can avoid the inevitable.

Rishi couldn’t wait any longer to get close to her. As he kissed her passionately and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, her mind was in panic, “How would he react?” ,”What would he say?”. She had run out of excuses, and she didn’t know how to waste any more of his time.

He looked at her and saw her basic beige bra which was worn out and had a few loose strings. He looked at her again and started laughing. “Sexy lady is dressed like an aunty today, is this the real you? You look so funny, I can’t stop laughing!”

Rhea turned red with embarrassment, and she felt naked and ashamed. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her inside that instant.

As he stood over there laughing uncontrollably at her nakedness, her embarrassment soon turned into rage. “How dare you?” she said. “I work so hard to look good for you every single time, I have spent thousands on buying sexy lingerie just to hear your appreciation. Only I know how uncomfortable it is to wear a stupid lace bra that eats into my skin and causes me rashes! Why don’t you try wearing thongs to see how comfortable they are? Actually when was the last time you dressed up for me?”

“You always wear boring cotton boxers but not once did I mock you or laugh at you! Do you love me for me or for the clothes I wear? I thought you loved me but it’s unbelievable how shallow you are! Call me an aunty; I don’t care! I love my cotton bras and panties, I refuse to wear anymore lace bras for you or for anyone else! Ill only wear it for myself!”

She stormed out of the hotel room and didn’t look back. She couldn’t even look at his face anymore. Her phone kept ringing; he called multiple times and sent many apology texts.

The next day a huge bouquet of flowers greeted her at her office reception- “I am so sorry my love, I realise my mistake, I don’t know what happened to me, I feel ashamed! Please forgive me!”

She remembered all the good times they had had, and the future they dreamt of. She picked up the flowers and admired them; they were her favourite daisies then she walked with the flowers to her desk and threw them in the dustbin below! Her love was not more than her self-respect!

She decided she didn’t want to please anyone anymore! Why do women even go such lengths to buy clothes that are so uncomfortable?  Her plain cotton bras never hurt her! She decided to stop leading the ‘Double Bra Life’ and embrace her choices. It’s no fun cheating on your soft comfortable cotton bra for a bra that could stab you in your chest with its underwire. She laughed alone thinking, “I am sure Victoria’s big secret is that she doesn’t like the bras she wears! ”

Image source: Foundry on pixabay

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