Lata Kare: The 68 yr old Gutsy Woman Who Ran A Marathon Barefoot To Save Her Husband’s Life!

In 2013, in Baramati, Lata Kare ran a marathon barefoot to save her husband’s life. Today she has acted in a National award-winning film based on her life!

After her husband, Bhagwan had suffered a heart attack and needed an MRI to further his treatment, Lata realized that they could not afford the Rs 5000 needed for his treatment. She asked for help from family and friends but couldn’t get any. She did have a job in the local school that only covered their daily expenses. This is where she heard of the senior citizen marathon.

This saree-clad, barefoot, 60-year-old woman ran her first marathon as her last shot to get the money for her husband’s medical bills. This started her journey filled with milestones. Lata Kare has since then run in multiple senior citizen marathons to finance her husband’s treatment. She is a wife, manages her household and is a mother of 4 children.

Lata Kare’s journey from athlete to actor!

In 2020, Naveen Deshabonia released a movie on this rousing journey and life of Lata. Lata played herself in the movie and did a wonderful job. She prepared for the role tirelessly and despite being an amateur acted convincingly and emotively.

This Marathi movie went on to bag the National Award in the special mentions category in 2020. Her dedication towards whatever work she does is truly heart-warming. From an athlete to an actor, Lata has conquered all spaces with her dedication and confidence.

‘Love can make you do things that you never thought possible’

Maybe this is not a rags to riches story that we usually see, but it is a story of how we can face difficulties and overcome them if we have believe in ourselves. Lata Kare’s  story is one of great inspiration.

For a non-athlete to practice and not just take part in a marathon but win it, is a huge achievement. And that too for a person in their 60s!

Lata Kare is a woman of strength and dedication like no other. However, she remarks humbly that it was just the love for her husband that inspired her to reach such heights.

“Love can make you do things that you never thought possible,” Lata has been quoted as saying. “Love helps you develop a can-do attitude, which makes you fearless and optimistic.

Even if the world does not believe in you or mocks you, you know there is one person who will be your cheerleader no matter what. This is exactly how I would summarise my relationship with Bhagwan, my husband.”

Image source: YouTube

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