She Married A Man In Olive Green!

My poem speaks about the love and dedication of two bravehearts. Lt Nikia Kaul Dhoundhiyal and her husband Maj Vibhuti Shankar Dhoundiyal…

Major Vibhuti was martyred in an encounter with the terrorist just nine months after their wedding.

Lt. Nikita paid a fitting tribute to him by joining the Indian army.

She Married A Man In Olive Green!

She married a man in Olive Green
Her life became a beautiful dream
In him, she had found the love of her Life.
He was a loving husband,
She, his adoring wife.

They spent many happy times together,
Savoring each moment as if treasure.
For such moments were few and far between
She had married a man in olive green
To serve the nation was his dream.

Every time when he kissed her goodbye,
This could be our last he may sigh,
I want to cherish your image in my mind.
For memories are what we leave behind
You have married a man in olive green,
To honor his duty is his dream .

Their fears were not unfound, for one day
He went with flag in his hand
And was bought back , wrapped in its shroud
She looked at his body and cried aloud,
You have laid down your life for your country
I am proud
She married a man in olive green
He had served the nation as was his dream.

He laid down his on the day of Valentine,
She did not cry nor did she pine
Though he may not be with me in body,
In spirit he always will be mine
For I married a man in olive green
To live for his love will is my dream.

She left her cushy job and decided to don the uniform,
The life will not be easy they said
The training will be tough, they persuaded.
But nothing would make her change her mind
And she was prepared to face the grind
She had married a man in olive green
To follow his life, now became her dream.

She took all challenges in her stride .
Love conquers all ,she said with pride.
They pinned the stars on her side,
Tears of joy she could not hide.
She had a married a man in olive green
Today, for him she had earned the olive green
And to serve the nation was his and now her dream.

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