About the Founder

ritikaHaving more than 10 years of corporate experience, our founder Ritika Joshi is determined to give a platform to women who have achieved something extraordinary in their lives and broken stereotypes. She aspires to motivate and bring forth aspiring women entrepreneurs as well.

She has splendid relations with the women era and a professional team, which aims to give you glorified glimpses of remarkable women from time to time.
Ritika uplifts women entrepreneurs through her work and writing. Her blog not only covers the necessary topics of education, self-help, and PR, but also includes discussions on self-care,health, spirituality, and beauty.
Ritika’s mission is to guide women to lives of freedom, by awakening their true selves, dissolving fear and spreading love. Her blog is up close and personal as she tries to impart wisdom from her personal experiences.
She helps women who have a solid business model but need assistance in bridging the gap from where they are now to where they want to be.  She also aids women who want to fulfill their dream of business ownership, start a business so as to  provide professional and personal resources while inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs through collaboration, education, mentoring, spiritual and peer support, leadership, and networking. 

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