Tatiana Antonelli Abella , founder of Goumbook an Eco- friendly initiative

Tatiana Antonelli Abella founder of goumbookan an eco-friendly initiative.She grew up in Paris and Rome where she studied architecture and urban planning. She later moved to Dubai in 2005. She was of the opinion that the word ‘eco friendly’ and ‘save environment’ were merely being said and were not being worked on. She wanted to raise awareness, curb pollution and make the environment a better place to leave. In order to accomplish her mission, she founded “Goumbook an-friendly initiative’ in 2009. After only a month or two she had a number of visitors and also sponsors willing to help create a platform.

“Goumbook” is about realising environmental responsibility, uniting environmental experts, organizations, businesses and consumers from the Middle East and North Africa. It is an online portal which brings together products, services and materials through its Green Directory. The aim is to make manufacturers, retailers and consumers aware about their responsibilities towards the environment and boost the local green economy.

They organised an event called “Future Green” where more than 35 companies participated and it was such a huge success that they were asked to hold the exhibition again in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Last year, she launched the “Drop It” campaign where she urged people to use filtered tap water instead of using plastic bottles.

“My commitment to the Environment blossomed into a sense of duty towards the community and today I try to be actively involved and engaged in the local green arena.” She said in an interview.

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