“If you know what it is to love someone, you know what it is to lose someone. “ , Anna Whitehouse founder of Mother Pukka

For many pregnancy is a time to celebrate and rejuvenate, however for some it could be full of fear and anxiety. The fear of losing a child, the anxiety for a miscarriage especially if they have suffered a loss earlier. Anna Whitehouse is one such mother who went through 3 miscarriages before she finally had her daughter, Mae.

“For every moment I allowed myself to ponder that flicker of life inside love someone, I would be jolted out of those musings by a sickening fear that this one wouldn’t make it to the finishing line. There was the fear of decorating the nursery too soon; the fear of choosing a name too early; the heart stopping moments of waiting three seconds too long for a heartbeat at a routine scan.” She said.

She turned into a blogger and opened her page called “Mother Pukka” where she shares her stories and struggle through her pregnancy and what is like to be a mother. She tries to raise awareness among pregnant women and to seek help if they smell trouble, however small it may seem.

The social media today is filled with stories and pictures of baby showers, beautiful mothers and their beautiful babies. But people seldom talk about struggles and miscarriages. In such an age, Anna had the courage to openly talk about her haunting story of miscarriage and how she feared another one.

She also lost another child after her first daughter. “Why did the baby fall out?” her daughter asked her. “Sometimes through no fault of your own, a baby doesn’t stay in,” she responded. Her husband has been extremely supportive throughout her journey.

In june this year, she was blessed with a baby girl, her prayers did not fall on deaf ears after all.

“If you know what it is to love someone, you know what it is to lose someone.”

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