Anu Menon brings laughter to all women at FICCI Ladies Organisation

 Even if you were not a regular Channel V viewer, most likely you would remember a character called Lola Kutty. Especially at a time when music channels were associated with everything that was ‘cool’, there was a bespectacled, Kanjeevaram-clad Mallu girl, with jasmine flowers in her hair, who was often found interviewing Bollywood celebs quite the antithesis of the image of a VJ.

Anu Menon, who created and played this character, is an acclaimed theatre actress. She took up a job with Channel V as a creative researcher to support her first love, the stage. It was during that time that ‘Lola Kutty’ was born.

Using Lola Kutty and her innate sense of humor she chose to make Keralites known to the rest of India, especially North Indians, who infamously clubbed everyone other than themselves as ‘South Indian’.

Since everyone is intrigued by the thought behind the name of the character, she says, “The name Lola is usually associated with an exotic, attractive girl. I just thought it’ll be fun to give this name to one who was not-so-attractive looking.” 

Right now, she is mainly into the theatre and stand-up comedy. She last appeared in the 2014 movie, Happy New Year as a television reporter. She also appears as Lola Kutty, at some corporate shows.

The FICCI Ladies Organisation, Jaipur Chapter under the leadership of their Chairperson – Ms.Minal Jain, organized a fellowship meet event at the Lalit Lawns with Anu Menon on Friday 17th Nov ‘ 2017

She performed stand-up comedy in our everyday lives.  

In India, a girl gets married, leaves her home and family and goes ahead to make her husband’s family her own, it is quite simple, isn’t it? Guessing by that logic, his parents are then going to be her parents. Anu Menon discusses the dilemma of what to call your mother-in-law as she weaves her story into this stand-up comedy act. With marriage comes in-laws. The eccentric bahu, Anu, talks about the first woman in her husband’s life, which is not an ex-girlfriend but her husband’s mother.

She recounts how her mother-in-law expects her to call her, wait for it, “Mummy.” It is a predicament that perhaps all millennial daughter-in-law’s face, they would feel like they were cheating on their own parents. And so the formal Uncle and Aunty become a norm. Of course, the bahu doesn’t find any problem with that, but considering the couture of the society they live in, surely that is not acceptable.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed laughing. She cracked many jokes on her travel experiences and son admission procedure.

It’s the kind of profession where a lot of it is luck and chance. If it works, great; if not, I am not overly fussed, because I’m happy doing what I’m doing,” she smiles.


The event was followed by Nagada Jamming session by Maestro of the kettledrum, or theNagada, a Rajasthani folk instrument, Nathulal Solanki. Nathulalji hails from prestigious Pushkar Sangeet Gharana and has many music commendations to his name.He is a recipient of many awards, has performed in several countries and with various legendary musicians spreading the musical tradition of Rajasthan across the world.

Everybody was overwhelmed by the sounds of the Nagada beats !!


Written By: Vaishnavi

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