Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

Tight Butt Blast

A few areas of the body are a little less visible to the owner than other people, but that doesn’t mean the hard-to-see areas are not important. The rear thigh and buttocks provide a case in this point. While these areas are largely out of your vision line (unless you line up in front of […]

PRIMAL Preworkout

Training hard and intensely is the only way to train – you can’t step into the gym in low gear or asleep at the switch and expect results. To get the most out of every training session with no compromises, you need a pre-workout that will power your performance and enable you to crush it […]

Ultimate Outdoor Workout: Walking and Hiking

There’s something about exercising outdoors that just makes you feel good. And it’s even better when the weather is nice and you’re surrounded by nature’s beauty, rather than being confined by the walls and noises of the gym. But exercising outdoors doesn’t mean you have to be a long-distance runner. There are many benefits to […]

Training for Sultry Shoulders

With summer already upon us, you’re invariably finding yourself in situations that lend themselves to wearing a variety of shoulder-bearing clothes. Whether it’s a spaghetti-strap dress at a dinner party, a sleeveless outfit at a picnic, or a swimsuit at the beach, your shoulders will be displayed prominently for all to see. Are your shoulders […]


Choosing the right pre-workout can be a crucial factor that influences the results you see in the gym, as your body has to be properly fueled and energized to meet the demands of training so you can push yourself harder and further in each workout. Without the proper fuel in your tank, you might just […]


With 42 Grams of Protein By Bryan Hildebrand Nobody has the perfect diet and even the most health-conscious individuals don’t have time to eat right every meal, every single day for the utmost ability to maximize their body’s potential. This is where EAS Myoplex® Original Shakes fit into your daily need for growth, maintenance and […]

Cardio and Conditioning:

There are multiple reasons for a cardiovascular exercise conditioning regimen. One may engage in cardio to improve their circulatory system. Others might do so for specific sports conditioning, while others might seek to challenge themselves in a healthy way. Over the course of my 29-year career in the nutrition and fitness industry (29 years this […]

Failure Is Not Final

The only real failure is giving up or quitting. I have come to learn that it is not so much about the outcome, but the process is what’s most important. By Dr. Candice G. Dutko, DNP, MS, RN People will easily share with great excitement their successes. It is fun to share the fond memories […]

Dust Reloaded

Dust Reloaded will provide BIGGER pumps, IMPROVED mood, BETTER blood flow and INCREASED fat burning in just one scoop. Serious trainers know that if they want to take their workouts to the next level, they have to incorporate products from Blackstone Labs into their supplementation regimen. While all products with the Blackstone name provide you […]

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