Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

Story of the Founder of Dejawoo School of Innovation

An idea seeds hope in you, hope to change the quality of circumstances around you, either for yourself or for the world. Meet this engineer, Garima Vishal from Manipal Institute of Technology, and an MBA graduate from IIM Lucknow. She founded Dejawoo School of Innovation in 2014 to educate underprivileged children with an offbeat education system. Our country […]

Weight Loss with PCOS | Khyati Rupani – A Nutritionist turned Entrepreneur

We have someone, who triumphed her weight loss journey even when she was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). Today Khyati Rupani helps people around the world lose weight through healthy means. Her own story of weight loss from 88 kgs to 56 kgs inspired her to start Balance Nutrition to help everyone else […]

Meet Ritu Jaiswal a Mukhiya with an exception

The term ‘mukhiya’ generally brings to mind images of heavily built, mustachio men dressed in dhoti and kurta, with a gamchha on their aging shoulder. However, in the state of Bihar, a beautiful and intellectual woman named Ritu Jaiswal is an exception to that image. Ritu Jaiswal is the mukhiya of the district panchayat of […]

Know about Italy, Just Awesome!

By Harshika Kapoor There is no Italian food.  Surprised? You should be! The world has made us believe that there are “Italian” cuisines, but there are none. That is because Italy is divided into 20 regions and each region has it’s own distinct palate of food, which will make your taste buds dizzy from all the flavours […]

Meet famous blog Mom on the Run Founder , Anupriya Kapur

Written By: Harshika   In a world where we’re still grappling with the idea of subjective interpretations of motherhood, Anupriya Kapur’s blog- “Mom on the Run” gives us exactly what we need. It combines the unconventional with the human; in the sense that she sustains her image of being the quintessential badass by running a […]

“Success of whites has been built on the backs, blood, and death of people of color”, Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe Bergdorf is a famous name in DJ and Fashion industry, and Drag World. Before getting to know her, we would have to understand a few terms that are central to her life. Munroe was a boy till the age of 18, but as she grew up, she realized that she related more with women […]

“A leader of the resistance” – Pramila Jayapal, a fighter and a winner

The anti-immigrant, hate-driven nature of the present United States administration is transforming to be deadly for the Indian American community.Racism and xenophobia have been experienced by this community, even as they remain silent and harmless to the country. In such a society, making a peaceful living for an Indian becomes near to impossible.However, Pramila Jayapal, […]

Style ‘N’ Scissors: Ritu Deswal making her way into the beauty Industry

Despite there still being room for progress, one might say our world is very slowly (but surely) becoming more inclusive in many ways, Ritu Deswal The makeup industry, for one, is slowly making breakthroughs in gender barriers. In fact, now more than ever, cosmetics no longer belong to any one gender. The obvious need for shades […]

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